Hot water heating system plays a vital role in the daily life of today’s modern world and has become one of the must-have appliances in our home to serve during cold weather seasons. They serve some of the essential functions by facilitating the supply of heated water to your taps and plumbing fixtures on demand. Without a hot water heater, you would be needed to heat water manually over gas stoves when bathing, washing hands, and more which are not only time consuming but also dangerous in some cases.The geysers come in two different models depending upon the source of energy like

Electrical geyser – where the source of energy is an electric current that is converted into heat energy.

Solar heater – where the source of energy is solar/sun’s light which is converted into heat energy.

Benefits of hot water heater/geysers:

Safe and risk-free: It ensures customer’s safety and avoids hazards that are associated with the traditional method of heating the water using gas stoves or the combustion process of heating.

Time-saving process: The time taken for heating water manually is more whereas in case of geysers you just have to open the tap and your hot water flows right through it. This eradicates the extra time consumed while heating the water using the traditional method.

Simplicity and Convenience: The water heaters are the simplest and most convenient way to heat water in both residential and commercial buildings.

Things to remember while purchasing a water heater or a geyser:

Capacity : Most of the geysers come with different capacities based upon the need of the customer. For example, the capacity of a usual storage geyser ranges from 6 to 35 liters, for cleaning utensils, 6 to 8 liters’ capacity geysers are enough, for bucket bathing you require 8 to 10 liters’ capacity of geysers and for shower bath you need a geyser with more than 15 liters’ capacity.

Water tank material: The most common materials used to construct/ design a water heater are copper, thermostatic, or stainless steel with anti-corrosive and electrochemical reactions. It has the best insulation properties and requires less maintenance.

Wattage: The most common wattage of water heaters available in India ranges between 1500-3000 watts.

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