Satya suma marketer’s also offer the best as well as the latest quality specs, models, varieties, eco-friendly, safe and cost-efficient deals of kitchen ware that in turn provide a great range of aspects to its customers while choosing their preferable kind as per their need.
Some of our products include:

  • Electrical chimneys
  • Gas stoves
  • Ovens
  • Dish washer

Electrical Chimneys and Advantages:

In today’s modern world where air pollution matters a lot, the kitchen with only exhaust fan is not enough. All home owners are suggested to use chimneys rather than exhaust fan as it can only draw out the smoke from kitchen, and not other impurities like carbon and food particles, oiliness, heavy complicated gaseous, etc. On the other side a chimney can sucks out various harmful impurities out of the kitchen. Unlike exhaust fan, chimney can be installed anywhere and at any place in the kitchen. Generally, it is fixed at a distance about 26”-30” above the cook top.
A chimney is basically an exhaust vent for your kitchen and an extremely important application to be installed in every kitchen in this modern era, since it draws out odours, cloggy gases, oily smoke, and sticky steam that are caused by cooking food on the stove. Especially now that open air kitchens are a huge trend, it is essential to have a powerful chimney so as to prevent the bad smells to invade your living room.

The Major Benefits of Kitchen Chimney are as follows:

  • It helps to keep the kitchen air smoke free and less irritating.
  • It protects your wall tiles from getting sticky, greasy, yellowing and eliminating other impurities settle on the cabinets above the cook top.
  • It helps to protect the ceiling from smoke.
  • The amount of heat while cooking will be reduced.
  • It helps to get rid of pungent or bad odour generated during cooking.
  • It adds to and also enhances your interior decor

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