Cooking oil is the first essential and fore-most basic ingredient which is used in every kitchen each day in India. If this ingredient is used almost daily and in every household, it is very crucial job for us to choose the right, edible, and healthy cooking oil for our overall health. There are wide categories of cooking oils that can be easily accessed from any the market. Some of the cooking  oils available in the market include — rice bran cooking oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and even ghee.It is always important to maintain a good ratio of the fats in our diet.
Some of the most healthy and rich quality fats are found in olive oil, flax seed, and fish oil. One can make sure to attain different essential fatty acids which their body requires by changing or rotating oils quite often. By doing this you can ensure a suitable combination as well as ratio of fatty acids, vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Moreover, by replacing bad fats such as saturated and trans-fats with healthier substitutes like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart. Cooking oils with high amounts of mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids will decompose more than those with only saturated fatty acid. Therefore, be wise and generous while buying your cooking oil or you can buy your own oil making machine to ensure health oil and avoid malpractices.

Oil Squeezing Machine

Considering today’s uncertain times, there may be a strong need to grow and even press your own oil for health consideration. An ideal Oil Maker Machine is used to extract or squeeze out the oil from its crude material. Oil Extraction Machine can be easily operated and a cost effective processes. It is very convenient to use it and you can make oil any time at any place.
Oil output and crush time of 1 kg of seeds :
  • Groundnut: 30-40% of oil output for crush time of 15-20minutes
  • Sesame: 35-43% of oil output for crush time of 15-18minutes
  • Mustard: 20-25%  of oil output for crush time of 15-20minutes
  • Sunflower: 20-25% of oil output for crush time of 18-25minutes
  • Coconut: 50-60% of oil output for crush time of 40-50minutes
Satya suma marketer provides the best oil squeezing products to help their customers to buy it as per their requirement. Some of these products and their features are listed below:

Mini Chikku


  • Power consumption: 1unit/3hours
  • Running time: 2-3 hours
  • Watts: 400watts
  • Voltage frequency: 220volts/50htz
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Raw material input: 3-5 kg

Nutss Squeezer


  • Power consumption: 1unit/3hours
  • Running time: 6-8 hours
  • Watts: 400watts
  • Voltage frequency: 220volts/50htz
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Raw material input: 3-5 kg

Modern Chikku


  • Power consumption: 1unit/1hour
  • Running time: 10-15 hours
  • Watts: 1500watts
  • Voltage frequency: 220 & 440 volts/50htz
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Raw material input: 6-10 kgs

Health Benefits of Oil

  • The pure oil boosts cardiac health and they contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits.
  • It relaxes and rejuvenates the body and stimulates the blood flow.
  • The pure oil is rich in saturated fats and helps to increase the healthy and good cholesterol in the human body and also helps to improve it.
  • The nutritious oil facilitate healthy hair growth and improves skin, stimulates strong bone growth, reduce blood pressure, increase heart health, manage anxiety and depression, protect infant health, boost your dental health, prevent cancer, improve the digestive process and lower inflammation.
  • The pure form of oil strengthens the immune system and reduces severity of arthritis and asthma. The oil acts as great antioxidant in the human body.

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