Making the right choice can be a difficult task for most customers when there is an extensive range of options available for water purification. Buying the best water purification system will guarantee that you are able to always get clean and purified water that tastes good. Therefore, it is important to do a little ground-work before buying a water purifier to understand what to look for while buying it.  It is one of the traits of smart customers like you.Satya suma marketers will help you find the best water purifiers that ensure to prioritize your satisfaction in choosing the water purifier in terms of the quality, requirement, and budget. We offer the top-rated and high quality water products like:

  • Water purifier ( RO and UV Systems)
  • Auto water softeners


RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. It is a quite simple process of removing sediments and dissolved solids. The RO water purifier works by using a semi permeable membrane to purify water.The water passes through the RO membrane by a water pump that pressurizes the raw hard water to that push through a series of filters namely; sediment or carbon filter, RO membrane and an activated carbon post-filter. This process traps and dissolved solids in RO membrane. The solids that are struck in the membrane are arsenic, fluoride, lead, chlorine, nitrates and sulfates and as a result we get purified water free from all impurities.This water purifier ensures providing you with pure, good tasting water for consumption.

Benefits of RO System

  • 90% of dissolved pollutants are reduced
  • Heavy metal contaminants are removed
  • Free of Pesticides
  • Organic impurities are removed
  • The taste of water is enhanced and best
  • Safe water flows continuously
  • Different levels of purification are made available
  • Depending on the quality of water and usage the RO membrane can be replaced and its maintenance is easy.
  • It can be fitted anywhere (home or commercial establishments) without any hassle due to its compact size and structure


UV stands for Ultraviolet. A UV water purifier is one of the best and proven technologies that efficient to kill water borne disease causing microorganisms, pathogens like bacteria, viruses and cysts present in the water.This eco-friendly technology does not involve any type chemical during the purification process. UV water purifier embodies a UV lamp tube for the passage of water that has to be purified.The UV lamp emits UV light, thus, when the water passing through the UV tube is exposed to UV light then all the germs like bacteria and viruses are damaged and inactive. As a result we get a purified form of water. UV water purifier cannot eliminate chemicals like chlorine, arsenic, lead, nitrate, fluoride, etc present in the water. It is ideal purifier to treat low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water like lakes and river water.

Benefits of UV System

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • High purification rate
  • Energy consumption is minimal
  • Manual cleansing is very less
  • The taste of water is never altered
  • Essential minerals present in the water are not lost and are preserved

Auto Water Softeners

Softeners are mainly used to remove hardness minerals present in hard water such as calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) ions. A water softener basically collects hard water minerals within its processing tank and flushes them from time to time to drain it from the hard water.  The Ion exchangers that are used to perform water softening replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the water with other ions like sodium or potassium in the form of sodium and potassium salts (NaCl and KCl).A quality water softener ensures its durability and longitivity if the servicing is done on regularly for a domestic water softener. In addition to this, we also have a personal product named as, ‘Varuna’.And its special feature is that this purifier is automatic, that is, it swaps it configuration to treat the water depending on water type (like soft water or hard water).We also share a dealership with LME [Life Made Ezee]

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